Rates and policies in brief 


Daily care for a child is $40 a day. Full time is $200 a week.

Hours of operation

Monday-Thursday 7:30AM until 5:30PM 

Friday 7:30AM-4:30PM

You may drop off and pick up your child anytime between these hours but the daily rate always remains the same. 

I understand that early drop off/late pick up will occasionally be necessary for you and am willing to accommodate when that need arises. Please make arrangements for this as early as possible and understand it is at my discretion. 

Without prior arrangement, pick up after 5:40PM will incur a late fee. After ten minutes, it will be $5 and then $1 for every minute and due with next weeks regular payment. 

Payment policy

Your specific rates and days of care will be outlined in your contract and rate agreement. 

All payments for the following week will be due upon pickup the previous Friday (or last day of care for part time).

Payments can be in the form of cash or check until further notice. Parents are responsible for paying any fees associated with a check returned to me for non sufficient funds. If payments fall two weeks behind, care will be terminated. 

Drop in care/weekends

Last minute care for other children in your family is always a possibility during the week if there is an available spot for that day. Please discuss this need if it arises. Normal rates apply. 

Weekend care will not be the norm but is also a possibility on occasional basis. Feel free to ask me about this if necessary. A higher rate may apply.


We will be closed the following holidays:

  • Memorial Day 
  • July 4th
  • Labor Day 
  • Thanksgiving and day after
  • Christmas Eve 
  • Christmas Day

Payment is due for all holiday’s per usual.

Child’s attendance 

There are a limited number of spaces available; therefore, weekly payments are not based on child’s attendance. No refunds or reductions in fee are given for late arrivals/early departures, parental vacations, weather, or exclusion due to illness.

However, I will provide 5 days in which can be used as vacation days per child per year. Written notification two weeks in advance will be needed to use these no charge days. Once these days have been used the parent will be charged in full for daycare if their child is scheduled on the days missed.

If a child is too sick to attend daycare, please keep him/her home. There is no “sick room” at the daycare, and the best place for a child to be recuperating from an illness is at home. There are also many symptoms that a child may have that may prevent them from being able to partake in everyday activities. If your child experiences any of the following please keep them home until they are gone, or are well enough to participate in normal everyday activities:

  • Fever greater than or equal to 100.5 degrees F.
  • Excessive drainage (clear or discoloured) from the mouth, nose, eyes, or ears.
  • Red discoloration to the whites of the eye(s).
  • Skin rashes as they are difficult to diagnose unless seen by a physician.
  • Severe abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea.
  • A deep, hacking cough
  • Difficulty breathing or untreated wheezing
  • Lice or nits

If your child is sent to daycare with any of the above listed symptoms, or develop during the day they will be sent home. 


Each year I will take ten paid days of vacation in which the daycare will be closed. I will schedule these days and let you know in writing at least one month in advance. It is your responsibility to find alternative care for these days or if it’s easier, align your vacation time. Any additional planned vacation days I use, the assistant caregiver will substitute and we will remain open. Since we are open, payment will be required for those days. Please understand that vacation and days off are necessary to avoid provider burnout.

Emergency closings

In the event that I am ill or an emergency arises I will first try to bring in the assistant caregiver and notify you as early as possible. If the assistant caregiver can provide care the daycare will stay open and normal rates remain. If I have to close, you will not be charged for these days so so you can pay for alternate care. Emergencies could also include loss of power or water, death or illness in the family, etc.

Immunization policy

I do not require children to be immunized to attend. Children who received immunizations are excluded for the rest of the day and are welcome to rejoin the following day. This is due to the possibility of fever, irritability, or adverse reactions.